It Is Estimated That The Kentucky Unclaimed Property Fund Has Climbed To 150 Million Dollars…

It is believed that $150 million in unclaimed property, held by the Kentucky State Treasury, now belongs to private individuals but is unclaimed.  How could this be you ask? A couple hundred thousand people just don’t know about these lost assets!


Kentucky unclaimed money is not that hard to find. But you must conduct a search and then follow the laws of Kentucky to prove it belongs to you! There are two primary ways to determine if money is owned to you. You can hire a unclaimed property locator and pay a percentage of the rewarded amount or you can do it all yourself and save the commission charged by a professional locator.

In Kentucky anyone can call themselves a “Funds Locator” as there are no experience or licensing requirements! But, the good news is that they cannot charge more than 10% of the claimed property.

The other option you may want to consider is to do the search yourself and file your own claim with Kentucky. Click on the link on the right side of this page to do a free preliminary search and learn about one of the best online companies offering unclaimed property searches anywhere in the United States.

People are always asking where this money comes from in Kentucky.  There are so many different potential sources of lost money including dormant bank accounts, old payroll checks, forgotten wages, stock dividends, utility refunds, trust distributions, certificates of deposit and the contents of safe deposit boxes.

When people do start to take an interest in learning more about lost money they usually only search for unclaimed money in their home state. If you have lived in other states you could be overlooking your big pay-day. It’s important to understand that there could be money or property owed to you in any state whether or not you ever lived there.

Are You Owed Unclaimed Money & Don’t Know It? – Millions of Americans go year after year not even knowing that they have thousands of dollars in unclaimed money. Find out if you do with this easy free trial search.

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